Fenugreek Natural Fibers

Introduction :
We eat far too little fiber. Vegetarians have more Natural fibers in their diet than the meat eaters. Vegetables and fruits contain the Natural fibers which play an important role in maintaining a proper digestion. Natural fibers are essentially of two types: Soluble and Insoluble. Fenugreek seeds are rich in both the types of Natural fibers. Much of the hypoglycemic effect of fenugreek seeds in clinical studies is likely due to the inhibitory effects of mucilaginous fibers on glucose absorption.

Our daily intake of fiber should range from 25 to 35 grams per day for adults. Yet, most of us eat less than 10 grams.

How is Natural Fiber essential for proper function on our body ?
One valuable effect of fiber is mechanical: adequate intake decreases the transit time of food traveling through our digestive tract. Fiber absorbs water, so stools are naturally larger, softer, and easier to be moved through. Faster transit time means less contact time for toxins and a reduced risk of colon problems. And, with less straining required to pass a softer stool, the probability of developing hemorrhoids is usually reduced.

At the same time, soluble fiber delays stomach emptying. This in turn delays and spreads out the absorption of sugar, resulting in a more normal pattern of insulin secretion as well as better control of blood sugar.

Fiber also binds cholesterol and bile in the digestive tract, preventing their reabsorption and re-circulation. If less cholesterol is absorbed, its level in the blood goes down. The liver makes bile from cholesterol and if more bile is lost in the gut, the liver will use up cholesterol to replace the bile, again resulting in lower cholesterol levels.

Fiber also binds and reduces the absorption of dietary fat, which can help with weight control. Decreased fat absorption also means decreased absorption of fat soluble toxins and this may help to explain a decreased risk of breast and prostate cancer with higher fiber intake noted by some researchers.

Fiber stimulates the secretion of the hormone cholecystokinin, which alerts the brain that we’ve had enough to eat. High fiber meals also tend to be bulkier and contain fewer calories.

A diet high in fiber promotes the production of short chain fatty acids, which in turn results in a more acidic colon and a healthy population of “friendly” bacteria. This facilitates detoxification and bolsters our natural defenses against parasites and fungi.

Through its beneficial effects on weight, cholesterol and glucose metabolism, higher fiber intake is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Fiber is generally associated with protecting against colon cancer, with the suggestion that increasing fiber intake about an additional 13 grams per day could reduce over 30% of colorectal cancer in the U.S.Researchers are evaluating fiber’s role relative to cancers at other sites, including the male prostate.

Content of Natural fiber in fenugreek seed :
Dietary fibers are indigestible complex carbohydrate obtained from plants, but essential ingredient in a healthy diet. Some are soluble to form gel and others form insoluble roughage. While most fruits and vegetables have insoluble fibers, legumes (guar, fenugreek, beans) have soluble fiber. Fenugreek is endospermic. Nearly 50% dry weight of seeds as well as SDF is edible dietary fiber, making it the highest concentration among all natural sources of fiber. About 30% of SDF (w/w) is gel-forming SOLUBLE fibers similar to guar gum, psyllium husk and oat bran. The INSOLUBLE fiber (20% of SDF), is bulk-forming like wheat bran.

Bulk Fenugreek powder

comparision of Fiber content in some major food grains :


Source Total Fiber Soluble Fiber Insoluble Fiber Protein Fat
Fenugreek Seeds 46 – 48% 20 – 28% 18 – 24% 26 – 30% 4 – 8%
Soya Bean 20% 15 – 18% 3 – 5% 40 – 43% 19%
Oats 15 – 18% 7 – 8% 7 – 8% 14 – 19% N/A
Wheat 12% 1 – 3% 9 – 11% 10 – 12% 1 – 3%
Guar Bean 40% 25% 15% 28% 10 – 15%
Psyllium seed 24 – 26% 24 – 25% 1 – 2% 5% Trace

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